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    Chef | teaches you to Get 12 recipes!

    Chef | teaches you to Get 12 recipes!

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    2018/09/14 16:04
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    Slippery fry technique
    Slippery stir-frying technique used widely, raw material processing to sizing.
    Heat oil to be broken off, return to the pot thicken quickly into.
    Slow fry fast quality, tender, soft and mild. Water frying techniques
    Water stir-frying is a special technique. You don't use oil in cooking.
    This method is aimed at the eggs, slow stir-fry do not turn.
    The dish is fresh and bright, light and soft.
    Soft fire technique
    Soft cooking techniques are not difficult, pan clean oil cleaning is the key.
    Select liquid or pilose, slowly heat oil and stir-fry.
    The dish is tender and fresh, and the color is not general. Health speculation technique
    Raw stir-frying technique is the most common, the raw material has been processed.
    Do not marinate, do not hang paste, directly under the pan quickly Fried.
    Raw seasoning into the dish, fresh taste without starch.
    Stir-fried techniques
    The stir-frying technique pays attention to "clear" and the raw materials are processed in detail.
    The sauce is warm and oily, and the seasoning quality is good.
    Stir-fry without sauce, pan bottom fresh without juice. Catch fire technique
    Grasping and frying techniques belong to the court, raw materials through fine processing.
    Hang paste Fried crisp and back to the pot, small sour small sweet good.
    Outside crisp inside tender is not greasy, palace innovation is new idea.
    Stir-fried techniques
    Stir-fry technique has deviation, raw material does not stir-fry with deep-fry.
    The main ingredients are rolled back to the pot, ginger, scallion and garlic slices soy sauce.
    Cooking process speed, because fast short time, so called "stir-fry." Cooked Fried technique
    Cooked stir-fry techniques are also common, raw materials cooked fine processing.
    Hot hot oil stir-fry quickly, hot sauce noodles sauce indispensable.
    White sugar can be added fresh, unique flavor of salty, hot and sweet.
    Techniques for a while
    Stir-fry techniques are not simple, main ingredients over oil or water.
    Stir-fry quickly over high heat to juice sauce, tender vegetables short time.
    Stir-fry stress on the selection of raw materials, texture of brittle and easy to cook. Starch techniques
    Stir-fry techniques used more, the process does not change the pot.
    Processing of raw materials, marinating, stir-fry over high heat to push edge.
    Stir-fry ingredients to sauce sauce, fresh spicy taste fresh.
    Dry fry techniques
    Dry stir-frying techniques, fine processing raw materials.
    Do not marinate do not hang lake, stir-dry water slightly refueling.
    Taste type should take spicy, hot sauce pepper taste not bad. Typhoon shelter
    Typhoon shelters stir Hong Kong out, eating method novel new trend.
    The main ingredients are Fried and salted with black bean sauce.
    The palate is soft and unfussy, with a surprisingly strong garlic flavour.